Generally speaking a certificate is an official document issued as proof that an official Awarding Body or Government Department has approved someone or something.

Like many other documents, certificates are susceptible to fraud. There are many instances within the UK where certificates that have been illegally reproduced or fraudulently altered, have been used to gain illegal access to entitlements, employment, and even entry into the country.

Watermarked Papers, Metallic & Holographic foils, Secure Numbering, Heat sensitive & UV inks, along with the latest anti-photocopying & scanning features all form part of the extensive range of security features we offer to provide the ultimate protection from fraudulent misuse of your Certificates.

We have already helped many Awarding Bodies, Institutes, Universities and Colleges enhance the security on their Certificates & documents and welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and discuss your requirements.

Our range of products include:

  • Certificates
  • Transcripts
  • Higher Education Achievement Reports (HEAR)
  • Diploma Supplements
  • Insurance Covernotes
  • Certificates of Authenticity
  • Registration & Enrolment Forms
  • Interim Result Notifications (IRN)

To compliment our product range we provide a number of other services such as:

  • Bespoke Watermarked Paper & Hologram designs
  • Secure Storage & Distribution
  • Laser personalisation / infill of Certificates
  • Secure fulfilment & Mailing

For more detailed information on certificates and free consultancy on how we can help your organisation combat fraud call us on 029 2070 8702 or email sales@theedgesystems.co.uk

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