Bespoke Holograms

Working in partnership with a major UK hologram manufacturer we have provided many bespoke hologram solutions to clients such as Awarding Bodies, Councils, Universities, Sporting venues and Travel companies.

The first stage in developing a hologram is to create the origination. There are many methods for producing hologram originations, the most common being;

Dot Matrix – computer generated images optically written with a series of holographic dots in order to construct the final design.

2D/3D - a laser generated holographic image that has depth and parallax. Using two dimensional artwork on multiple planes to create a three dimensional image.

3D - a laser generated image that depicts an object in 3D. It can be computer generated or created using a micro-model.

Once designed, your hologram will be either a registered image or continuous wallpaper image. You will make your choice, governed by cost, application, security of the image and aesthetic appearance.

The Edge will guide you through all the necessary steps and decisions needed and with our advanced optical technologies and in-depth knowledge you can be assured that our originations will always provide optimum security.

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