9001 Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Our motto is simple…TO IMPROVE

As a specialist supplier of printed business stationery we have an absolute commitment to excel in terms of both product and service quality and to improve on that excellence.

This absolute commitment can only be achieved by every member of our organisation working together towards this common goal.

Our Company as adopted the International Quality Standard ISO9000 and all functions of our organisation are applied to it in defining individual responsibilities, requirements and standards.

By working together along formalised and defined lines we will ensure that we understand, meet and surpass the requirements and expectations of our customers. The Directors are responsible for setting objectives and reviewing progress at the Management Review.

 All documentary systems in use and Procedures developed are designed to be in accordance with the requirements of ISO9000. We will undertake formal and regular views of our system so that it is continually evolving and improving to reflect changing needs.

The Management of the Company is committed to ensure that every member of staff is trained to perform his or her job effectively, fully understand the scope of their responsibility and is also aware of the interaction of their role with all others in the organisation. The Company will invest all necessary resources to ensure that members are continually trained on an ongoing basis so that skill levels are constantly improved.



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