Contractor Pass Systems & Refills

Paper overlapped contractor systems and refills, so whether you're looking for a new system or to top up existing stock we have personalised or stock generic passes to choose from.

Personalised or Stock:

Personalised: We print your company details / logo and site health and safety instructions, fully customised to your requirements.
Stock: Passes specially designed to suit most organisations and benefit from next day delivery.


  • Generic or customised to suit all organisations
  • Complies with Health and Safety and Fire Regulations
  • Details activities being carried out, when and where
  • Each pass acts as an authorisation to begin work
  • Record type of work i.e. Hot Work, Electrical etc.
  • Highlights if any additional permit to work authorisation is requested
  • Up to date fire record of contractors on site in case of emergency
  • Helps verify contractor invoices